In the beginning, there was Some Fear

I still remember my first session with my councilor. “It sounds like you’re just burnt out!” he chirped helpfully. I struggled not to roll my eyes.

He wasn’t wrong, but I had gotten to the point were I felt absolutely trapped.

He initially explained to me the fight or flight response; an animal that’s stressed out will either fight its attacker or flee from it. I had always drempt of running away, but now it felt like my life depended on it, and I knew what he meant. Because it obviously isn’t smart to fight your job, I decided to run.

My fiance and I had a small collection of ideas that we called our plan to vacation to Florida. It was an opportunity to meet one of his heros as well as for us to do some information gathering on moving down to the gulf coast. When I found out I had the ability to take a leave from work, ideas became framework, reservations were made and we were gone.

We stayed in the car the first night and didn’t sleep well. We were rewarded with a stunning sunrise at Kiptopeke Park.

And truly I still can’t believe how fast it happened, even more so I can’t believe it’s already over. We traveled to some truly unique locations, camped under the stars and inches from gator infested water, met friends of 7 years who had never been met in person, and that’s just the start. Probably the best thing that happened is that I was inspired to start this page.

Our tent sire the first night we camped, 30 mimes down a dirt road in the heart of the everglades.

On the drive home we began talking and reflecting on everything that the last few weeks had brought us. As the sun set we quieted down and slowly realized that neither of us wanted to go back to the mundain 9-5 waiting eagerly for us to return from our jaunt.

I bit at my fingers thinking about slinging sandwiches for hours, and my chest tightened. To get my mind off it, since I still had a few more weeks, I off handedly mentioned how nice it would be to travel full time. We looked at each other and basically asked, why couldn’t we? I decided to start this blog to showcase Ron’s pictures of our adventures, and to practice my own writing skills and spin yarns about the cool things we do and see. After all, both of those things are always one of the best parts about a vacation.

Lately too I’ve grown to enjoy reviewing places and trying new restaurants or parks. Regretfully, we’ve both been a little shut in recently, so we are looking forward to getting out and experiencing more of what this absolutely gigantic world has to offer.

We’ve since returned home from that trip, and began putting this blog together. The hardest part was coming up with something to call ourselves. Branding is so much easier in theory!

At the beginning of our trip, Ron recalled having a moment when he shouted “no fear!” in reference to riding a slingshot ride at a roadside attraction lit up in the distance. As we got closer the tower loomed taller and taller over us and the color drained from his face. “Some Fear…” he mumbled as we finally passed it.

We laughed as we reflected on that humerus moment, and chatted about how it was good to go into life with no fear, having some fears was definately reasonable.

Like certain spiders.

Or some snakes.

Or camping in the site we found that was in the heart of 30 miles of marked panther territory.

Just down the road from our desolate campsite, we kept a healthy distance from each other. At least we could see this one.

Right, so it’s good to be a little cautious. Not to mention neither of us have maintained a blog or posted photos online before, so needless to say that also scares the $*** out of us. But that’s also fun. We’re excited to hear audience criticism, and I can’t wait to make your day with a new story about us getting stuck in some rediculous situation.

So here’s to new beginnings. To the start of new adventures, to living life to the fullest, and to doing something that scares you. Here’s to Some Fear Adventures.

Published by somefearadventures

What is life without a healthy amount of fear? We are Amanda and Ron, two colorful lovebirds who decided to take flight together. Truthfully, we are adventure seekers that enjoy camping under the stars, trying not to spook wildlife while taking pictures, and long walks on the beach. Or, the idea of all that, anyway. We’ve never had the opportunity to explore like that, and after a much needed reconnection with the spirit of adventure, we’re willing to try just about anything once. Join us kayaking with water moccasins, sleeping in the heart of the Everglades, or digging for sharks teeth in high surf conditions. Antics are aplenty when we travel with some fear. Keep scrolling to see what’s the latest!

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