One dream.

Two novice outdoorsmen.

Some fears.

“Look at that dead fish” – Ron

“Thrill”-seeker is generous

What is life without a healthy amount of fear? We are Amanda and Ron, two colorful lovebirds who decided to take flight together. Truthfully, we are adventure seekers that enjoy camping under the stars, trying not to spook wildlife while taking pictures, and long walks on the beach. Or, the idea of all that, anyway. We’ve never had the opportunity to explore like that, and after a much needed reconnection with the spirit of adventure, we’re willing to try just about anything once. Join us kayaking with water moccasins, sleeping in the heart of the Everglades, or digging for sharks teeth in high surf conditions. Antics are aplenty when we travel with some fear. Keep scrolling to see what’s the latest!

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